(a)   All Type B family day-care homes shall register with the Director of Public Service prior to beginning operation and annually thereafter.
   (b)   In order to register as a Type B family day-care home, the provider shall:
      (1)   Provide a copy of his or her current license or certificate;
      (2)   State the location of the home;
      (3)   State the number of children being provided for in the home;
      (4)   Pay a registration fee of twenty dollars ($20.00); and
      (5)   Make the home available for inspection upon twenty-four hours notice by the Director of Public Service.
   (c)   All Type B family day-care homes which are in operation on the effective date of this chapter (Ordinance 1987-41, passed September 14, 1987) shall be permitted, following registration, regardless of the distance between such homes.
(Ord. 1987-41. Passed 9-14-87.)