1181.04    BRICK FACING.
   (a)   No commercial building or buildings occupied for residence purposes by more than one family shall be constructed in a Class C District, unless all exterior walls are completely faced with stone, glass block, wood paneling, glass, metal or metal paneling, masonry brick, glazed brick or a combination of the foregoing. No metal or metal paneling, wood or wood paneling shall be approved unless it is conclusively shown to the Building Commission that such material does not rust, tarnish, discolor, warp or otherwise deteriorate more rapidly than stone, masonry brick or the other materials permitted by this section.
   (b)   As used in this section, “masonry brick” means a solid masonry unit made of clay or shale, formed into a rectangular prism while in the plastic state and burned or fired in a kiln and having a dimensional limit of four inches by four inches by twelve inches. (See also Section 1369.02.)
(Ord. 1994-43. Passed 9-12-94.)