1143.01   HOME OFFICES.
   Homes offices are allowed as an accessory use to a dwelling in any zoning district without a permit. Home offices are subject to the following:
   (a)   Such use shall be limited to office functions only. All products and services shall be transmitted to and from the residence electronically, by regular mail service or by small delivery vehicles normally used for small parcel deliveries to single family dwellings.
   (b)   Other than office supplies, there shall be no display of any kind within the dwelling, in accessory buildings, or outdoors on the same lot.
   (c)   No more than 125 square feet of the floor area of the dwelling unit may be used for storage purposes.
   (d)   Customers shall not come to the dwelling.
   (e)   Such uses shall be conducted by the dwelling occupant with no non-resident employees.
   (f)   Such use shall be carried on entirely within the dwelling and not in an accessory building.
   (g)   No activity, materials or equipment indicative of the use shall be visible from any public street or from adjacent dwellings.
   (h)   The home office shall not utilize mechanical, electrical or other equipment which produces noise, electrical or magnetic interference, causes fluctuation in line voltage or other nuisances outside the dwelling unit in which it is located.
   (i)   No advertising sign shall be permitted.
(Ord. 2003-4. Passed 1-27-03.)