The Safety Director, with the approval of the Mayor, is hereby authorized to establish, amend, revise and rescind rules, regulations and charges for the use of the Gun Range.  Such rules and regulations shall be such as will promote the orderly and equitable use of the Range, protect the health and safety of spectators thereat and persons using the facilities, and provide for the protection and preservation of City property as well as the prevention of misuse or damage thereof.
   Such rules, regulations and charges shall not conflict with the ordinances and laws relating thereto and shall be superseded in pertinent respect by any ordinance or resolution hereafter adopted by Council with which they may conflict.  Such rules and regulations shall be posted in a sufficient number of locations to apprise the ordinarily observant person of their existence.  When so posted, they shall have the effect of law.  No person shall violate or fail to comply with any such rule or regulation.
(Ord. 1975-75. Passed 10-27-75.)