(a)   For solid waste collection and disposal, the City shall charge to each residential dwelling within the municipality a monthly rate to be paid by the owner of said property. Such rate shall be eleven dollars and twenty cents ($11.20) per month per residence and ten dollars and twenty cents ($10.20) per month for qualified residents with Homestead Exemption for collection and disposal services occurring in 2022; which rate is to be levied on the 2021 property tax duplicate for collection in 2022. The Council shall review the monthly rate to be paid by the owner(s) of a residential dwelling within the municipality on a yearly basis to determine the necessity and amount of fee for the ensuing year.
   (b)   A residential dwelling is defined as a dwelling within the corporate limits of the municipality occupied by a person or group of persons, and multiple dwelling units where units have private means of egress.
   (c)   It is a determination of this Council to proceed with the assessing for the cost and expense of waste collection within the City in accordance with R.C. § 701.05 and this section, upon the residential properties, as defined in paragraph (b) herein, in the City of Parma Heights on file in the Office of the County Fiscal Officer for the 2021 tax duplicate and collection in the year 2022.
   (d)   The waste collection fee so assessed through the residential tax duplicate shall be reimbursed to the City by the County Fiscal Officer; and shall be credited to the General Fund of the City of Parma Heights.
   (e)   The Finance Director is authorized and directed to send to the Office of the County Fiscal Officer certified copies of this section in such numbers as are required.
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