(a)   No person, firm, corporation, public agency, partnership or association whatsoever shall be permitted to connect, or cause to be connected, any building or other structure directly or indirectly to any sanitary sewer that is connected directly or indirectly to the sanitary sewer facilities for the purpose of transporting wastewater to and through the sanitary sewer facilities, without first securing from the Director of Public Service or his designated representative a permit. Any such applicant shall, in addition and prior to the issuance of a permit, first pay the charge provided for in division (b) of this section and any additional amounts determined to be payable in accordance with the provisions of this section.
   (b)   No City permit shall be issued for the purpose described in division (a) of this section until the applicant therefor shall have paid to or for the benefit of the City the sum of eight hundred fifty dollars ($850.00) multiplied by the number of benefited units to be served by the connection for which the permit is applied for. The number of use benefits shall be determined according to the following schedule:
Type of Use
Use Benefits
Type of Use
Use Benefits
Single Family Residents
Unit of one (1)
Apartments, including
   Condominium Units
      Efficiency and one bedroom
Number of units x .625
      Two bedrooms
Number of units x .75
      Three bedrooms and over
Number of units x .875
Bowling Alleys
Number of lanes x .20
Number of seats x .02
Factories, Industrial Establishments
Number of estimated employees x .075
Food Services
   Ordinary restaurant
Number of seats x .10
Number of seats x .15
Type of Use
Use Benefits
Type of Use
Use Benefits
Food Services (Cont.)
   Tavern (limited meal service)
Number of seats x .15
Number of seats and/or stalls x .10
   Coffee shop
Number of seats x .10
Number of beds x .75 (design capacity)
Institutions, Resident
Number of persons x .25 (design capacity)
Laundry, Coin Operated
Number of machines x .75 (design capacity)
Motels, Hotels
Number of rooms x .25
Nursing and Rest Homes
Number of persons x .45 (design capacity)
Office Buildings
Each 1,000 sq. ft. x .25 (minimum 1)
Number of pupils, teachers and staff x .05 (design capacity)
Service Stations
Number of bays x 1.5
Shopping Centers
Each 1,000 sq. ft. or part thereof of store or building therein not devoted to one of the other uses x .3 (maximum design density)
Swimming Pools
Number of swimmers x .01 (design capacity)
Car Washes
Number of stalls x 1.5
   Drive-thru, automatic (no recirculation)
15 units
   Drive-thru, automatic (with recirculation)
5 units
   For any use not shown, the number of units shall be determined by the City Engineer by the use of generally accepted engineering practices and on the basis of anticipated sewage flows from the applicant when compared to a single-family residence where the flow of 400 gallons per residence per day will be considered as a unit of one.
   In determining the total amount required to be paid the number of use benefits so determined shall be multiplied by a fraction, the numeration of which is the construction cost index as published in The Engineering News Record as of which is the most recent date prior to the date of passage of this section.
   (c)   The sanitary sewer tap-in fees shall be applicable to any change in the type of use with a credit for tap-in fees paid under the prior type of use; provided, however, there shall be no refund for any credit that results in an overpayment.
   (d)   All moneys collected by the City as charges pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be deposited in the Sewer Fund of the City, to be used in accordance with the provisions of Ohio R.C. 729.52 and this and other ordinances of the City.
   (e)   The charges provided for in this section are in addition to, and not in substitution for or in derogation of, any other fees, charges or assessments now or hereafter made or levied by the City, Cuyahoga County, and/or the Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineer in connection with the construction, reconstruction, operation, maintenance or repair of its sanitary sewer system.
   (f)   In the event that any lot or land or other structure thereon is, without the owner or other responsible party having first obtained a permit for such connection as required and as provided by this section, connected directly or indirectly to a sanitary sewer, and the owner, agent, lessee, tenant or occupant of such lot or land or building or other structure fails or refuses to disconnect the same upon being directed to do so by the Mayor or the Director of Public Service, the Mayor or the Director of Public Service shall notify the responsible official or officials of the county in which such connection exists, to request the appropriate action be taken to correct such violation of this section, and the Director of Law shall take such action as shall be necessary to cause such violation to be corrected and otherwise to enforce the terms of this section.
(Ord. 2003-14. Passed 5-27-03; Ord. 2015-13. Passed 4-13-15.)