The City and the permittee shall designate, in writing, representatives who shall cooperate to assure that any difficulties arising under the terms of this Permit shall be expeditiously resolved. Each party shall have a representative to whom notices shall be sent regarding this Permit. Initially, the City's representative shall be:
         City of Parma Heights
         6281 Pearl Road
         Parma Heights, Ohio 44130
   The permittee's representative to whom notices shall be sent shall be:
   Notices, including notice of any change of representative, shall be in writing and forwarded by certified mail, hand delivery or overnight delivery service to the designated representative. If the representative or the address of such representative for either party changes, that party shall notify the other promptly of said change in writing, providing the name of the new contact and/or the new address.
(Ord. 2000-4. Passed 2-14-00.)