The following specifications and requirements are determined to be  minimum requirements for streets to be paved in the Municipality in residential areas.
   No permanent pavement shall be constructed unless and until a minimum of eight calendar months have expired since the completion of the following improvements which are considered and determined to be necessary conditions precedent to the paving of streets in the Municipality.
   (a)   Grading.  Grading of the streets to its full width in conformity with the cross- section and to the established grade previously approved by Council;
   (b)   Underground Installations and Appurtenances.  Installation of all underground improvements such as storm and sanitary sewers, together with all necessary appurtenances such as manholes, catch basins and curb connections, for every sublot, water mains, together with all necessary appurtenances, such as hydrants, valves and curb connections for every sublot, all in accordance with plans and specifications previously approved by Council;
   (c)   Temporary Slag Roadways. Construction of a temporary slag roadway, equal to the width of the pavement as approved, to a minimum depth of six inches, with its top surface parallel with and eight inches below the surface of the finished pavement, which shall be built and maintained to the satisfaction of Council, adequate to insure access to any occupied dwelling by any of the Municipal fire, service or police equipment; and
   (d)   Deposit for Temporary Roadway. In order to insure that the temporary roadway will be so maintained, a sum in an amount determined by the Municipal Engineer and approved by Council shall be deposited by the owner in a bank approved by Council, provided that the sum can only be paid out on order of the Municipal Engineer to the Municipality or to a contractor selected by the Engineer to make necessary repairs to the temporary pavement if the owner neglects or refuses to make such repairs when so ordered by the Municipal Engineer.
(Ord. 1956-13. Passed 3-12-56.)