As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Taxicab” means every public vehicle for hire for the transportation of passengers for which public patronage is solicited in whole or in part upon the streets or in public or quasi-public places.
   (b)   ,,Taximeter,, means any mechanical device by which the charge for hire of a taxicab is mechanically calculated and is plainly indicated by means of figures upon such device.
   (c)   “Automobile for hire” means every public vehicle which does not seek its business on the public streets and is driven by and is in charge of the owner or his agent.
   (d)   “Owner or applicant” means any person, firm or corporation who owns, controls or directs the operations of any public vehicle or derives any revenue or benefits from the operation of any public vehicle which operates on or over the streets of the City, whether as owner, licensee, bailee or otherwise, except a driver.
   (e)   “Driver” means every person actually in charge of the operation of a public vehicle as a chauffeur thereof, whether such person is an owner, agent, servant or employee of the owner.
   (f)   “Taxicab stand” means that portion of a street set aside and designated by the Director of Public Safety for the parking of taxicabs waiting for and seeking employment.  (Ord. 1961-81.  Passed 12-11-61.)