(a)   No person shall sell, offer for sale, conduct or carry on the sale of Christmas trees without having first obtained a permit therefor. Application for such permit shall be made to the Director of Public Service and shall be accompanied by a fee of ten dollars ($10.00). Such application shall set forth the name of the person who proposes to offer Christmas trees for sale, the location by street address where such sale will be carried on, the approximate dates for the beginning and ending of the offering for sale of Christmas trees and such other information as the Director may find necessary in order to issue the permit, including the names of the officers of a corporation or business association and the names of the partners of a partnership.
   (b)   Before issuing the permit, the Director of Public Service shall obtain from the applicant a bond of one hundred dollars ($100.00) or a cash deposit of equal amount in favor of the City, guaranteeing that the premises used for the sale of the Christmas trees will be returned to its prior condition and that all debris, rubbish, Christmas trees or parts thereof or any other materials whatsoever shall be removed on the completion of the sale or, in any event, not later than January 15. Such bond shall be in a form approved by the Director of Law and shall be signed by the applicant as principal and by a surety, who shall be either a corporate surety or a person residing within and owning real property or operating a business within the City.
   (c)   Any person who sells or offers for sale Christmas trees shall, on completion of the sale thereof, return the premises used therefor to its prior condition and shall remove therefrom any debris, rubbish, Christmas trees or parts thereof or any other material whatsoever. Upon failure of any person to so return such premises, the City may do the work necessary to return the premises and such person and his surety shall be liable upon the bond provided for herein in an amount equal to the cost to the City of performing the work as aforesaid.
(Ord. 1960-93. Passed 11-14-60.)