759.08   APPEAL.
   Any applicant for a license and any licensee shall have the right to appeal within five days to a Board of Appeals, from the refusal of the Mayor to grant an application for a peddler's license or the revocation by the Mayor of the license.  The Board of Appeals shall consist of the President of Council, the Clerk of Council and the Chief of Police. Notice of the appeal shall be filed in writing within the time hereinabove specified with the Clerk of Council who shall act as the Secretary of the Board of Appeals.  The appellant shall be granted a hearing before the Board within ten days of the filing of the notice of appeal, at which all interested parties shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard. The Board of Appeals may affirm, overrule or modify the action of the Mayor in rejecting or revoking a license and its decision shall be final.
(Ord. 1949-788. Passed 8-1-49.)