Any person desiring to engage in the practice of fortunetelling shall first apply in writing to the Mayor giving particulars as to:
   (a)   The location, including space, number of rooms to be used and applicable zoning regulations.  Such location must be within an area zoned as a Class C District;
   (b)   Whether the practice is to be conducted apart from or in connection with any other calling or business;
   (c)   Whether any printed matter of any kind is to be sold or distributed in connection with the practice of fortunetelling;
   (d)   The previous location of the applicant for the past five years;
   (e)   How long the applicant has previously been engaged in the practice of fortunetelling;
   (f)   How much training or experience in such practice the applicant has had;
   (g)   Whether the applicant is a citizen of the United States;
   (h)   Whether the applicant has ever been convicted of violating any law or ordinance regulating the practice of fortunetelling;
   (i)     Whether the applicant has been convicted of any felony; and (j)  Any other necessary information required by the Mayor.
(Ord. 1970-21. Passed 2-9-70.)