(a)   No person shall practice fortunetelling in the City without first obtaining a license from the Mayor as provided in this chapter.  The fee for each such license shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year and such license shall expire on December 15 of each year.  The fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall accompany the application made to the Mayor.  The license may be revoked at any time by the Mayor for cause after hearing held before him or her.  A conviction of the licensee in a criminal action by a court of competent jurisdiction shall be a sufficient cause for revocation of his or her license.
   (b)   An appeal from the denial or revocation of a license by the Mayor may be made to the Board of Zoning Appeals in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1139 of the Zoning Code.
(Ord. 1998-16. Passed 7-13-98.)