Every person who desires to continue to conduct or hereafter begins to conduct any amusement at any permanent or temporary place of amusement or any itinerant form of amusement shall file an application for a permanent, temporary or itinerant form of amusement license, as the case may be, with the Mayor.  Upon approval of the application by the Mayor, he shall forthwith issue the license upon the payment of the required fee.
   No license shall be issued, however, until the applicant has complied fully with the application requirements, including, but not limited to, the following:
   (a)   Depositing one thousand dollars ($1, 000) with the Finance Director of the City to cover any cost for services rendered by any department of the City, but not including costs of special police protection required under Section 707. 04;
   (b)   Depositing with the Finance Director a policy or policies of liability or indemnity insurance issued by a company licensed to do business within the State, recognizing the City as an additional insured, in a total amount of not less than one hundred thousand dollars/three hundred thousand dollars ($100,000/$300,000) for any personal injury and fifty thousand dollars ($50, 000) for any property damage caused as a result or consequence of the temporary or itinerant form of amusement having appeared in the City; and
   (c)   Depositing with the Finance Director an amount equal to all City income taxes and admissions taxes which the Finance Director estimates will be due and owing under Chapters 191 and 193 of these Codified Ordinances.
   If the estimated taxes on deposit with the Finance Director are found to exceed taxes actually due, the applicant may file a claim for the overage within ten days of the closing date of his amusement.  Upon proper proof to the Finance Director's satisfaction, the applicant shall receive any overage from the City.
   If the taxes due exceed the amount deposited with the Finance Director, the applicant shall pay the amount due promptly, upon request.
(Ord. 1972-18. Passed 5-22-72.)