(a)   No person shall conduct any permanent, temporary or itinerant form of amusement, such as a theatrical exhibition, a public show or a performance for which money or other reward is demanded or received, unless he first obtains a license therefor and pays the sum of fifty dollars ($50. 00) for the first day and twenty-five dollars ($25. 00) for each additional consecutive day that such amusement is held,
   (b)   This requirement for licensing shall not apply to entertainments, exhibitions and shows conducted by schools or churches.  Further, the requirements of this section shall not apply to exhibitions otherwise specifically regulated and licensed by ordinance of the City now effective or which may hereafter become effective.  School athletic games and moving picture shows are not included among the enterprises requiring a license under the provisions of this section.
   (c)   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (a) and (b) hereof, no license shall be issued for outdoor carnivals or outdoor fairs, which are hereby prohibited in the City. An outdoor carnival or outdoor fair is hereby defined as an entertainment held outdoors, not being inside a building, which offers amusements, such as side shows, rides and games, to the general public or any segment of the general public for a consideration.
(Ord. 1973-70. Passed 9-24-73.)