A.   Authority To Modify:
      1.   Where, in the opinion of the council, there exist extraordinary conditions of topography, land ownership or adjacent developments, or other circumstances not provided for in this title, the council may modify these regulations in such manner and to such extent as it may deem appropriate to the public interest.
      2.   In the case of a plan and program for a complete community or a complete neighborhood, the council may modify these regulations in such manner as appears necessary and desirable to provide adequate space and improvements for the circulation, recreation, light, air and service needs of the tract when fully developed and populated, and may require stipulations to assure conformance with the achievement of the plan.
   B.   Conditions Of Modification: In modifying the standards or requirements of this title, as outlined in this section, the council may make such additional requirements as appear necessary, in its judgment, to secure substantially the objectives of the standards or requirements so modified. (1988 Code art. 14-5)