10.50.110   Revocation of permit.
   In addition to all other remedies, the city may temporarily revoke (for a period of time not to exceed ten working days) a parking permit issued under this chatper of any person found to be in violation of this chapter by providing written notice of the temporary revocation to the permittee. Such written notice shall include a statement outlining the grounds for revoking the permit as well as the date, time, and place set for a hearing before the Hearing Officer or their representative to determine if the revocation shall be in effect until the expiration of the permit. Written notice of the date, time and place of such hearing shall be served upon the permittee five days prior to the date set for such hearing.
   At the hearing before the Hearing Officer or their representative, the permittee shall have the right to present evidence and a written or oral argument, or both.
   No decision shall be invalidated because of the admission into the record and the use of any proof of any fact in dispute of any evidence not admissible under the common law or statutory rules of evidence.
   Within five working days after close of hearing, the Hearing Officer or their representative shall enter their decision based upon the record presented and notify the permittee in writing of such decision. The decision of the Hearing Officer shall be final. Failure, when so requested, to surrender a parking permit so revoked shall constitute a violation of this section. There will be no refunds for revoked permits.
(Ord. 5531 § 9, 2021)