22.08.003   Lease, abandonment, disposition of parks - State law to govern.
   Lands owned or controlled by the city which are used or intended to be used for park purposes shall be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of, or their use abandoned or discontinued only in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Except as otherwise provided in the Charter, the general laws of the state of California as they existed January 1, 1965, authorizing municipal corporations to abandon or discontinue the use of lands dedicated or placed in use for park purposes, authorizing the sale or other disposition of such lands, and providing procedures therefor and for matters relating thereto (designated as Government Code Article 2, Chapter 9, Part 2, Division 3, Title 4, commencing at Section 38440) shall be applicable to the city of Palo Alto and to all lands owned, used or held by it for park purposes, and said laws shall govern and control exclusively in respect thereto.
(Ord. 4368 § 3 (part), 1996)