21.44.040   Certificate of compliance to render lot conforming.
   The owner of a lot created in violation of this title, the Subdivision Map Act or any predecessor legislation governing the division of land other than the person who created such violation and any person who took title to the property with actual or constructive notice of such violation, may apply for a certificate of compliance in order to render that lot legal and in compliance with this title and the Subdivision Map Act. Such application may be processed only if the lot conforms with all present standards contained in this title and Title 18 with regard to lot size and design. No application under this section shall be processed unless the applicant submits to the city a declaration under penalty of perjury that the applicant has attempted and been unable to obtain the consent of the other owners of property constituting the remainder of the original parcel unlawfully divided, of which the applicant's property is a portion, for the filing of a subdivision application for the entire property. In no event shall such a certificate of compliance be issued if the applicant is the owner of the whole of said original parcel.
   As a prerequisite to the filing of an application under this section, the applicant shall submit and apply for approval of a tentative parcel map as provided in this title, showing the lot for which a certificate of compliance is requested.
   In approving such tentative parcel map or certificate of compliance, the director of planning and city engineer may impose such conditions as would have been applicable to the division of the property at the time the applicant acquired said applicant's interest. Said conditions shall be reflected on the face of the certificate of compliance.
(Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)