21.20.040   Boundaries of subdivision.
   Where possible, the exterior boundaries of all subdivisions shall be to the centerline of all streets and highways adjacent to said subdivision unless such street or highway is not within the city limits; in such a case, the exterior boundary of the subdivision will coincide with the city limits. The subdivider shall be required to dedicate to the city all property within the city which is not owned by another public agency between the centerline and the proposed right-of-way line of such street or highway as may be established by official plan lines of the city or established by the comprehensive plan or established by any master plan of streets and highways or any specific plan. Any property between the centerline and the proposed right-of-way line with another public jurisdiction shall be dedicated to that jurisdiction. Such property shall be improved or the full cost of making permanent improvements to the property shall be deposited with the city as prescribed in this chapter.
(Ord. 3157 § l (part), 1979)