21.16.280   Final or parcel map amendments.
   In addition to the amendments authorized by Government Code Section 66469, after a final map or parcel map is filed in the office of the county recorder, the recorded map may be modified by a certificate of correction or an amending map if (i) there are changes in circumstances which make any or all of the conditions of such a map no longer appropriate or necessary, (ii) that the modifications do not impose any additional burden on the present fee owner of the property, (iii) the modifications do not alter any right, title, or interest in the real property reflected on the recorded map, and (iv) the map as modified conforms to the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and Chapter 21.16 of this title. The decision to approve or deny a modification shall be made by the city council for final maps and by the director of planning and community development in the case of parcel maps. Prior to approval of any modification, notice shall be given as provided in Section 21.12.090. The hearing shall be confined to consideration of and action on the proposed modification. The decision of the director on a modification of a parcel map is subject to the appeal procedures of this title.
(Ord. 4661 § 7, 2000)