21.16.240   Final map - Approval by city council, submitted to city clerk.
   At the council's first regular meeting following its receipt of the final map or within ten days of the filing of the final map, whichever is later, the city council shall consider such map and any offers of dedication. The city council may reject any or all offers of dedication. If the city council determines that the map meets the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and this title, it shall approve the map and certify such approval on the map. It shall transmit the map to the city clerk. The city council shall not disapprove a final map when the failure of the map is the result of a technical and inadvertent error which, in the opinion of the city council does not materially affect the validity of the map; provided that, to the extent possible, the map shall be corrected prior to recordation.
(Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)