21.16.220   Final and parcel maps - Approval, agreement for improvements, conditions.
   (a)   If at the time of approval of the final map or the parcel map, any required improvements have not been completed and accepted, as a condition precedent to the approval of the final map or the parcel map, the subdivider shall execute and file with the city clerk agreement between the subdivider and the city, pursuant to Section 66462 of the Government Code, specifying the period within which the subdivider shall complete all improvements and providing that if the subdivider fails to complete such work within such period, the city may complete such improvement work and recover the full cost and expense thereof from the subdivider. Such agreements may provide that such improvements shall be completed prior to the issuance of any permits for the development of any of the parcels. Such agreement shall also provide for the checking of improvement plans, the inspection of all improvements by the city engineer and the reimbursement of the city for the cost of such checking and inspections. Such agreement shall also provide that all improvements are subject to approval by the city engineer. Said agreement may also contain such other provisions as may be permissible under law and deemed necessary by the city. The substance and form of any such agreement shall be subject to the approval of the city manager and city attorney and said agreements shall be executed by the city manager on behalf of the city. Such agreements may provide for extensions of time issued by the city manager upon recommendation of the city engineer.
   The agreement may also provide for the termination of the agreement upon the completion of proceedings under an assessment district act for the construction of improvements deemed by the city engineer to be at least the equivalent of the improvements specified in such agreement and required to be constructed by the subdivider.
   Such agreements and security shall be submitted to the city, fully executed by subdivider prior to the approval of any final or parcel map. No final or parcel map for which such an agreement is required shall be recorded prior to receipt of said agreement and accompanying security. Said agreement shall be recorded concurrently with the map.
(Ord. 3157 § l (part), 1979)