21.16.200   Additional information.
   The map shall show also all other data that is or may be required by law. In addition, the city may require additional information to be filed or recorded simultaneously with a final or parcel map. The additional information shall be in the form of a separate document or an additional map sheet which shall indicate its relationship to the final or parcel map, and shall contain a statement that the additional in-formation is for informational purposes, de-scribing conditions as of the date of filing, and is not intended to affect record title interest. The document or additional map sheet may also contain a notation that the additional in-formation is derived from public records or reports, and does not imply the correctness or sufficiency of those records or reports by the preparer of the document or additional map sheet.
(Ord. 4661 § 6, 2000: Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)