21.16.020   Documents accompanying final or parcel maps.
   (a)   The subdivider shall submit with the final map or the parcel map all of the following:
   (1)   With each dedication or offer of dedication for the public use, a preliminary title report issued by a title insurance company, in the name of the record owner, issued to or for the benefit and protection of the city, showing all parties whose consent is necessary and their interest therein;
   (2)   The instrument prohibiting the right of ingress or egress across rear or side lot lines as may be required by Section 21.20.100 of this title;
   (3)   The calculation and traverse sheets used in computing the distance, angles and courses shown on the final or parcel map and the ties to existing and proposed monuments;
   (4)   Two copies of any proposed declarations of restrictions;
   (5)   The reports, recommendations, conditions, and findings required under Section 21.12.070 of this title concerning soils reports and soils investigations;
   (6)   Construction plans and specifications and cost estimates for required and proposed improvements including all test data, calculations and reports necessary to support all design conditions or criteria;
   (7)   Any other documents, certifications, or instruments necessary to fulfill requirements imposed at the time the tentative map was approved or conditionally approved.
(Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)