21.12.080   Date of filing.
   The director of planning shall review all tentative map applications to determine whether all necessary information has been submitted. Within thirty days of receipt of any tentative map the director of planning shall give written notice to the applicant indicating pursuant to Government Code Section 65943 whether the application is complete. Any parts which are incomplete shall be specified and the manner in which they can be made complete shall be indicated. In the case of any subdivision which requires the preparation of an environmental impact report pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, no application shall be deemed complete until the initial decision maker has certified the environmental impact report to be adequate and prepared in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. For the purposes of the Subdivision Map Act, this title and Chapter 4.5 of Division 1, Title 7 of the Government Code, the date upon which notice is given to the applicant that the application is complete shall be deemed the date of filing of the application; provided, however, that if, at any stage of the processing map, a decision maker determines that an environmental impact report is required, the date of filing shall be revised to the date upon which that environmental impact report or supplemental environmental impact report is certified by a decision maker.
(Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)