21.08.060   Waiver of parcel map requirement.
   Upon written request of the subdivider, the director of planning and community environment may waive the requirement for a parcel map under this title if the director finds that the proposed subdivision complies with all requirements of the Subdivision Map Act, this title and all other provisions of the Palo Alto Municipal Code, including, but not limited to, area, width, depth, and frontage requirements, improvements and design, floodwater drainage control, appropriate improved roads, sanitary disposal facilities, water supply availability, and environmental protection; that no improvements or dedications are required in connection with the subdivision; and that the boundaries of the lot or lots are adequately monumented.
   A request for approval of a waiver of the requirement for a parcel map constitutes a request for a certificate of compliance. When approval has been given for waiver of the parcel map requirement, any required tentative map or preliminary parcel map has been finally approved, and all conditions of such approval have been met, the city engineer shall issue and cause to be recorded a certificate of compliance. A conditional certificate of compliance may be issued and recorded if necessary to insure compliance with the conditions of approval.
   Any waiver of the requirement of a parcel map shall not constitute a waiver of the requirement for any tentative map or preliminary parcel map which is otherwise required, and such tentative map or preliminary parcel map shall be submitted and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and this title and shall be subject to such conditions which would otherwise apply.
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