21.08.050   Lot line adjustments.
   (a)   No tentative map, preliminary parcel map, final map or parcel map shall be required for any lot line adjustment between two or more existing adjacent parcels where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel and the same number of, or fewer, parcels result. Any such lot line adjustment shall conform to the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act, Title 21 (subdivision and other divisions of land), Title 16 (building regulations, including prior architectural review board approvals) and Title 18 (zoning) including prior approvals pursuant to those titles. The city engineer shall issue and cause to be recorded a certificate of compliance or a conditional certificate of compliance for the involved lots. A conditional certificate of compliance may require performance of conditions or exactions to conform the lot line adjustment to Title 16 and Title 18 or to facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure or easements in connection with the lot line adjustment. The lot line adjustment shall also be reflected in a deed or deeds, which shall be recorded. No record of survey shall be required for a lot line adjustment unless required by Section 8762 of the California Business and Professions Code, as amended.
   (b)   Any application for a lot line adjustment which is not in conformance with all of the requirements of this section shall be processed as a minor or major subdivision pursuant to this title. Lot line adjustments resulting in four or fewer parcels shall be treated as minor subdivisions; lot line adjustments resulting in five or more parcels shall be treated as major subdivisions.
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