18.70.050   Nonconforming use - Maintenance and repair of facility.
Facilities occupied or used by a nonconforming use permitted by this chapter shall be subject to the following provisions governing maintenance, repairs, alterations, or replacement:
   (a)   Normal and routine maintenance of any structure for the purpose of preserving its existing condition, retarding or eliminating wear and tear or physical depreciation, or complying with the requirements of law, shall be permitted.
   (b)   Incidental alteration shall be permitted, provided the value of the incidental alterations in any one-year period shall not exceed twenty percent of the value of the facility prior to such alterations.
   (c)   Structural alterations or enlargement of the facility shall be permitted only to accommodate a conforming use, or when made to comply with the requirements of law.
(Ord. 5381 § 7, 2016: Ord. 3048 (part), 1978)