18.42.120   Resource Conservation Energy Facilities
   Resource conservation energy facilities may be exempted from floor area ratio and lot coverage requirements in commercial, industrial and public facilities zoning districts, subject to the following regulations:
   (a)   Architectural review is required pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.76.020;
   (b)   All facilities shall comply with the performance criteria outlined in Chapter 18.23;
   (c)   Floor area ratio (FAR) exemptions shall not exceed 3,000 square feet or 2% (.02 FAR) of the site, whichever is less;
   (d)   Lot coverage exemptions shall not exceed 6,000 square feet or 5% of the site; and
   (e)   All facilities shall meet the City of Palo Alto's technical eligibility criteria as follows:
      (1)   Eligible technologies include cogeneration, fuel cells, waste heat recovery, or renewable energy conversion;
      (2)   Eligible fuels include natural gas or renewable fuels;
      (3)   Cogeneration facilities must meet and maintain FERC and state efficiency and thermal energy utilization criteria;
      (4)   All technologies must meet ultra-clean distributed generation efficiency and emissions requirements;
      (5)   Single system maximum size is 10 megawatts (mW), and no larger than the greater of on-site peak electric load or on-site peak thermal load; and
      (6)   Incremental water consumption shall be from reclaimed or decontaminated groundwater.
(Ord. 4964 § 17, 2007)