18.42.060   Home Occupations
   Where permitted, a home occupation shall be subject to the following limitations:
   (a)   The home occupation shall be conducted in a manner that is compatible with residential uses permitted in the same district, and in a manner which does not change the character and appearance of the dwelling unit in which it is conducted.
   (b)   No person shall be employed on the site in connection with the home occupation except lawful occupants of the dwelling unit within which the home occupation is conducted.
   (c)   No advertising shall be permitted on the site.
   (d)   Not more than twenty-five percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit, or five hundred square feet of gross floor area on the site including accessory buildings, whichever is less, shall be devoted to the home occupation.
   (e)   The home occupation shall not be conducted in a manner which generates traffic or parking demand or vehicular deliveries substantially greater than customarily associated with residential occupancy of the dwelling unit.
   (f)   No mechanical, electrical, or other equipment shall be used, nor shall a home occupation be conducted in any manner which is a nuisance or is noxious, offensive, or hazardous by reason of vehicular traffic, noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, particulate matter, odor, heat, humidity, glare, refuse, radiation, or other objectionable emissions or effects.
   (g)   No outdoor storage of any material, equipment or goods shall be permissible in connection with any home occupation.
(Ord. 4934 § 4 (part), 2007)