18.40.080   Substandard Lots
   (a)   Specified Provisions and Dates of Recorded Title
   Any lot having a site area, width, or depth less than required by this title, which meets one of the provisions specified in this subsection, may be used as a lot or site under the provisions of this title, subject to the applicable district regulations and other provisions of this title:
      (1)   A lot shown upon an official subdivision map duly approved and recorded;
      (2)   A lot for which a deed or a valid contract of sale is on record in the office of the county recorder of Santa Clara County prior to February 19, 1951, and was of legal area at the time it was recorded;
      (3)   A lot for which individual water, sewer, and/or gas service or services were installed by the city prior to October 8, 1947;
      (4)   A lot upon which a dwelling was constructed on or after October 8, 1947, and prior to July 20, 1978 which at the time of construction complied with all lot width and area requirements;
      (5)   A lot otherwise meeting applicable requirements at the time such lot was created, but which does not meet the minimum requirements of this title as currently applicable to such lot, by reason of annexation, a change in zoning district, or a change in applicable regulations within a district.
   (b)   Substandard Lots Cannot Be Further Reduced
   A substandard lot meeting one of the provisions designated in subsection (a) shall be considered a legal lot; provided the particular measurement (area, width, or depth) not in accord with this title shall not be further reduced.
   (c)   Lots merged by Amendments to Subdivision Map Act
   All lots that were merged by the 1977 amendments to the Subdivision Map Act prior to the adoption of Chapter 234, Statutes 1977, are hereby deemed unmerged.
(Ord. 4934 § 3 (part), 2007)