18.30(G).060   Action by Commission
   Unless the application for design approval is diverted for minor architectural review under Section 18.76.020 (b)(3)(E), the planning commission shall review the site plan and drawings, and shall recommend approval or shall recommend such changes as it may deem necessary to accomplish the following objectives:
   (a)   To ensure construction and operation of the use in a manner that will be orderly, harmonious, and compatible with existing or potential uses of adjoining or nearby sites.
   (b)   To ensure the desirability of investment, or the conduct of business, research, or educational activities, or other authorized occupations, in the same or adjacent areas.
   (c)   To ensure that sound principles of environmental design and ecological balance shall be observed.
   (d)   To ensure that the use will be in accord with the Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan.
(Ord. 5432 § 10, 2018: Ord. 4826 § 121, 2004: Ord. 3048 (part), 1978)