18.30(B).040   Use Limitations and Site Development Regulations
   (a)   Pedestrian Design Features Required
   On any site, or portion of a site, adjoining a designated pedestrian sidewalk or pedestrian way, new construction and alterations to existing structures shall be required as determined by the architectural review board, to provide the following design features intended to create pedestrian or shopper interest, to provide weather protection for pedestrians, and to preclude inappropriate or inharmonious building design and siting:
      (1)   Display windows, or retail display areas;
      (2)   Pedestrian arcades, recessed entryways, or covered recessed areas designed for pedestrian use with an area not less than the length of the adjoining frontage times 1.5 feet;
      (3)   Landscaping or architectural design features intended to preclude blank walls or building faces.
   The specific nature and requirements of pedestrian design features shall be determined as part of architectural review pursuant to Chapter 18.76 (Permits and Approvals).
   (b)   Parking and Vehicular Access Restricted
   Vehicular access to sites adjoining designated pedestrian sidewalks or pedestrian ways which requires vehicular movement across such pedestrian sidewalks or pedestrian ways shall be prohibited, except where required by law or as may be authorized by a use permit in accord with Chapter 18.76 (Permits and Approvals).
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