18.28.010   Purposes
   (a)   Public Facilities District [PF]
   The PF public facilities district is designed to accommodate governmental, public utility, educational, and community service or recreational facilities.
   (b)   Open Space District [OS]
   The purpose and intent of this district is to:
      (1)   protect the public health, safety, and welfare;
      (2)   protect and preserve open space land as a limited and valuable resource;
      (3)   permit the reasonable use of open space land, while at the same time preserving and protecting its inherent open space characteristics to assure its continued availability for the following: as agricultural land, scenic land, recreation land, conservation or natural resource land; for the containment of urban sprawl and the structuring of urban development; and for the retention of land in its natural or near-natural state, and to protect life and property in the community from the hazards of fire, flood, and seismic activity; and
      (4)   coordinate with and carry out federal, state, regional, county, and city open space plans.
   (c)   Agricultural Conservation [AC]
   The AC agricultural conservation district is intended to permit agricultural and compatible uses on property intended for preservation and retention essentially in its natural, farmed, or landscaped state.
(Ord. 4964 § 4 (part), 2007)