17.10.160   Unauthorized release; reports and recordation.
   Any unauthorized release from the primary containment which the operator is able to clean up within eight hours after the release was detected or should reasonably have been detected, and which does not escape from the secondary containment, does not increase the hazard of fire or explosion, and does not cause any deterioration of the secondary containment of the underground storage tank, shall be recorded on the operator's monitoring reports, and reported to the city within twenty-four hours of the occurrence.
   (a)   (1) Any unauthorized release which escapes from the secondary containment, or from the primary containment, if no secondary containment exists, increases the hazard of fire or explosion, or causes any deterioration of the secondary containment of the underground tank system shall be reported by the operator to the city within twenty-four hours after the release has been detected or should have been detected. A full written report shall be transmitted by the owner or operator of the underground tank system within five working days of the occurrence of the release. The report shall describe the nature and volume of the unauthorized release, any corrective or remedial actions undertaken, and any further corrective or remedial actions, including investigative actions, which will be needed to clean up the unauthorized release and abate the effects of the release and a time schedule for implementing these actions.
   (2)   The city shall review the permit whenever there has been an unauthorized release or a suspected unauthorized release, or when it determines that the underground tank system is unsafe. In determining whether to modify or terminate the permit, the city shall consider the age of the tank, the methods of containment, the methods of monitoring, inconclusive monitoring data, the concentration of the hazardous substances stored in the tank, the severity of potential unauthorized releases, and the suitability of any other long-term preventive measures which would meet the requirements of this chapter.
   (b)   The reporting requirements imposed by this section are in addition to any requirements which may be imposed by Sections 13271 and 13272 of the California Water Code.
(Ord. 4002 § 1 (part), 1990)