17.10.150   Monitoring of tank system by operator; duties of owners and operators.
   (a)   The operator of the underground tank system shall monitor the tank system using the method specified on the permit for the tank system. Records of monitoring, testing, repairing, and closure shall be kept in sufficient detail to enable the city to determine whether the underground tank system is in compliance with the applicable provisions of this chapter, the regulations adopted by the board pursuant to Section 25299.3 of the California Health and Safety Code, and the permit issued for the operation of the tank system.
   (b)   If the operator is not the owner, the owner shall provide a copy of the permit to the operator, enter into a written contract with the operator which requires the operator to monitor the tank system as set forth in the permit, and to provide the operator with a copy of Section 25299 of the California Health and Safety Code, or a summary of this section, in the form which the board specifies by regulation. The owner shall notify the city of any change of operator.
(Ord. 4002 § 1 (part), 1990)