17.10.080   Inspection of tank systems.
   (a)   The city shall inspect every underground tank system within its jurisdiction at least once every three years. The purpose of the inspection is to determine whether the tank system complies with the applicable requirements of this chapter and the regulations adopted by the board pursuant to Section 25299.3 of the California Health and Safety Code, including the design and construction standards of Sections 25291 or 25292, whichever is applicable; whether the operator has monitored and tested the tank system as required by the permit; and whether the tank system is in a safe operating condition. After an inspection, the city shall prepare a compliance report detailing the inspection and shall send a copy of the report to the permit holder or person responsible for the tank.
   (b)   In addition to, or instead of, the inspections specified in subdivision (a), the city may require the permit holder or responsible person to employ, periodically, special inspectors to conduct an audit or assessment of the permit holder's or responsible person's underground tank system to determine whether the tank system complies with the factors specified in subsection (a) and to prepare a special inspection report with recommendations concerning the safe storage of hazardous materials at the tank system. The report shall contain recommendations consistent with this chapter, where appropriate. A copy of the report shall be filed with the city at the same time the inspector submits the report to the permit holder or responsible person. Within thirty days after receiving this report, the permit holder or responsible person shall file with the local agency a plan to implement all recommendations contained in the report or shall demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the city, why these recommendations should not be implemented.
   (c)   All tank integrity tests required by this chapter shall be performed only by, or under the direct and personal supervision of, a tank tester with a currently valid tank testing license issued pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 25284.4.
(Ord. 4002 § 1 (part), 1990)