17.10.060   Application for permit or renewal - Conditions - Storage of unlisted substances.
   (a)   An application for a permit to operate an underground storage tank, or for renewal of the permit, shall be made, by the owner, on a standardized form prepared by the board and provided by the city and shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee, as specified in Section 17.10.070. As a condition of any permit to operate an underground storage tank, the permittee shall notify the city at least forty-five days in advance of any changes in the usage of the underground storage tank, including the storage of new hazardous substances, or changes in monitoring procedures.
   (b)   The application form shall include, but not be limited to, requests for the following information:
   (1)   A description of the age, size, type, location, uses, and construction of the underground storage tank or tanks.
   (2)   A list of all the hazardous substances which are or will be stored in the underground storage tank or tanks, specifying the hazardous substances for each underground storage tank.
   (3)   A description of the monitoring program for the underground tank system.
   (4)   The name and address of the person, firm, or corporation which owns the underground tank system and, if different, the name and address of the person who operates the underground tank system.
   (5)   The address of the facility at which the underground tank system is located.
   (6)   The name of the person making the application.
   (7)   The name and twenty-four-hour phone number of the contact person in the event of an emergency involving the facility.
   (8)   If the owner or operator of the underground storage tank is a public agency, the application shall include the name of the supervisor of the division, section, or office which operates the tank.
   (c)   Applications for permits for operation of an underground storage tank shall be in accordance with other applicable provisions of this title including, but not limited to, Chapters 17.16 and 17.32.
   (d)   If a permittee stores in an underground storage tank or tanks a new or different hazardous substance which is not listed in the application, as required by subsection (b)(2), the permittee shall apply for a new or amended permit within thirty days after commencing the storage of that new hazardous substance.
(Ord. 4002 § 1 (part), 1990)