16.09.190   Accidental discharge prevention.
   (a)   Each discharger shall provide adequate protection to prevent accidental discharge of hazardous or prohibited materials, slugs, or other wastes regulated by this chapter. Where directed by the superintendent the discharger shall install retention basins, dikes, storage tanks, or other facilities in conformance with Chapter 17.12 designed to eliminate, neutralize, offset or otherwise negate the effects of prohibited materials or wastes which may be accidentally discharged in violation of this chapter.
   (b)   When directed by the superintendent, the discharger shall complete and implement a slug control plan per the guidelines issued by the superintendent in accordance with the requirements contained in 40 CFR 403.8(f)(2)(vi). The discharger shall notify the city of any changes to facilities, plans or operations that would necessitate a change in the slug control plan.
(Ord. 5084 § 2 (part), 2010)