16.09.185   Personnel orientation.
   (a)   Holders of industrial waste discharge permits shall take necessary steps to inform appropriate personnel employed by such permit holders of the provisions of this chapter.
   (b)   Such personnel shall include workers, contractors, and supervisors whose duties pertain in any manner to the production, treatment or disposal of waste discharges regulated by this chapter.
   (c)   Steps to inform such personnel shall include but not be limited to:
   (1)   Orientation of newly employed or assigned personnel prior to commencement of work and at least annually thereafter;
   (2)   Posting of signs at work areas indicating approved methods for disposition of wastes and reporting requirements and instructions for accidental spills and increased loadings; and
   (3)   Posting of signs visible from each drainage area (sink, cup sink, floor drain) not connected to appropriate treatment indicating “NOTICE do not dispose of chemicals in this drain” or equivalent.
   (d)   All signs shall be translated into the appropriate language unless the primary language of all personnel is English.
(Ord. 5084 § 2 (part), 2010)