16.09.085   Industrial wastes discharge permit procedure.
   (a)   An applicant for a permit for any industrial waste discharge shall complete and submit an application form established by the superintendent. The superintendent may require information in addition to that required on the application form as deemed reasonable or necessary to evaluate the application. Interested parties shall be notified of the filing of the application via posting at city hall or on the city web page.
   (b)   All wastewater discharge permit applications, user reports and certification statements must be signed by an authorized representative.
   (c)   Completed application forms shall be filed by the discharger not less than sixty days in advance of commencing discharge. The discharger shall not commence discharge prior to permit approval without specific, interim approval from the superintendent to discharge during the permitting process.
   (d)   Determination of National Pretreatment Category According to the Pretreatment Requirements. Prior to approval of a discharge permit, the superintendent shall determine whether the discharge is subject to the National Pretreatment Standards provided in the pretreatment requirements. The determination will be made by the superintendent following the guidelines and procedures of that subpart.
   (e)   The superintendent may impose terms and conditions on the permit which the superintendent deems reasonable or necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
   (f)   The application shall be approved if:
   (1)   The applicant has complied with all requirements of this chapter and all applicable city ordinances, state and federal requirements;
   (2)   The applicant has furnished all requested information;
   (3)   The superintendent determines that there are adequate devices, equipment, chemicals, and other facilities to sample, meter where desirable, convey, treat, and dispose of the industrial wastes; and
   (4)   The person(s) to be responsible for treatment and control are adequately trained and capable of consistently meeting permit requirements.
   (g)   Interested parties shall be notified of the issuance of permits via posting at city hall or on a city web page. Interested parties and other members of the public may appeal the issuance of a permit within forty-five days of issuance and request a hearing on the matter. The hearing procedures contained in Section 16.09.100 shall be followed. The permit effective date shall not be postponed solely because of the filing of an appeal.
(Ord. 5084 § 2 (part), 2010)