10.51.065   Modification or termination of restricted parking areas.
   (a)   Opting out. After final adoption of a designated restricted parking area, an application to opt out may be filed with the director, subject to the following:
   (1)   The minimum number of blocks and percentage of dwelling units supporting the opt-out shall be specified by the director in the administrative guidelines.
   (2)   Each legal dwelling unit, as defined in Section 18.04.030(b)(46) of this code, shall be entitled to one vote towards the determination of support.
   (3)   Applications for opting out shall be made in the form and manner prescribed by the director and shall be acted upon by the director.
   (b)   Dissolution. The city council, following a noticed public hearing, may adopt a resolution dissolving a designated restricted parking area:
   (1)   Upon receipt and verification of a signed petition representing fifty percent or more of the affected dwelling units within a designated restricted parking area; or
   (2)   Upon findings by the city council that the criteria for designating the restricted parking area are no longer satisfied.
(Ord. 5494 § 45, part: Ord. 5440 § 2, 2018)