10.51.060   Administration of restricted parking area.
   (a)   Issuance and fees.
   (1)   No permit will be issued to any applicant until that applicant has paid all of his or her outstanding parking citations, including all civil penalties and related fees.
   (2)   An overnight residential parking permit may be issued for a dwelling if the following requirements are met:
   (A)   The applicant demonstrates that he or she is currently a resident of the restricted parking area for which the permit is to be issued.
   (B)   The applicant demonstrates that he or she has ownership or continuing custody of the motor vehicle for which the permit is to be issued.
   (C)   Any dwelling to be issued a permit must have a vehicle registration indicating registration within the area for which the permit is to be issued.
   (3)   Visitor or guest parking permits may be issued for those individuals or dwellings that qualify for those permits under the resolution establishing the restricted parking area.
   (b)   No guarantee of availability of parking. An overnight residential parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve to the permit holder an on-street parking space within the designated residential preferential parking zone.
   (c)   Restrictions and conditions. Each permit issued pursuant to this section shall be subject to each and every condition and restriction set forth in this chapter and as provided for in the resolution establishing the specific restricted parking area, as may be amended from time to time. The issuance of such permit shall not be construed to waive compliance with any other applicable parking law, regulation or ordinance.
   (d)   Exemptions. The following vehicles are exempt from the Crescent Park overnight parking restrictions in this chapter:
   (1)   A vehicle owned or operated by a public or private utility, when used in the course of business.
   (2)   A vehicle owned or operated by a governmental agency, when used in the course of official government business.
   (3)   A vehicle for which an authorized emergency vehicle permit has been issued by the commissioner of the California Highway Patrol, when used in the course of business.
   (4)   A vehicle parked or standing while actively delivering materials or freight.
   (5)   A vehicle displaying an authorized exemption permit issued by the City of Palo Alto.
   (6)   A vehicle displaying a State of California or military-issued disabled person placard or license plates.
   (7)   A vehicle parked for the purpose of attending or participating in an event taking place at a school within the Palo Alto unified school district or another event venue within the restricted parking area, provided that the vehicle is parked within two blocks of the venue, the venue has requested and received approval from the city at least fourteen days before the event date, and the venue distributes notices to all addresses within a two-block radius of the venue. The restricted parking area resolution shall specify the covered venues and number of permitted events per year.
   (8)   All vehicles are exempt from parking restrictions pursuant to this chapter on the following holidays: January 1, July 4, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25.
   (e)   Authority of staff.
   (1)   The director is authorized to adopt administrative regulations that are consistent with the purposes of this chapter.
   (2)   The director has the discretion to grant the issuance of any additional permits to a dwelling for which the maximum residential parking permits has previously been issued. Any permit approved by the director that is in addition to the two overnight residential parking permits issued pursuant to this chapter may be subject to additional fees and limitations as designated by the director.
   (3)   The police department or private parking enforcement contractor as approved by the city shall have the authority to enforce this chapter and the administrative regulations established pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 5531 § 10 (part), 2021: Ord. 5398 § 2 (part), 2016)