10.50.050   Initiation by neighborhood petition.
   Residents may request the formation of an RPP District in their neighborhood. The request shall be made, and considered, in the following manner:
   (a)   Form of Application.
   (1)   The director shall establish a standard form for the application for the formation of a new RPP District, as well as a list of submittal requirements for use by interested residents. These requirements shall include a narrative describing the nature and perceived source of non-residential parking impact, as well as suggested district boundaries. The director shall also approve a standard form for use in demonstrating resident support for the application.
   (2)   Residents shall initiate a request for establishment of an RPP District by neighborhood petition by completing the official application form.
    (3)   Residents are encouraged to consult with the employers and employees thought to be the source of the parking impact as they develop their proposals.
   (b)   Timing and Review of Applications. Each calendar year, the director shall review all applications received prior to March 31st of that year to determine whether the RPP District criteria established in this Chapter and the administrative guidelines are met.
   (c)   Prioritization of Applications. Applications determined by the director to meet the criteria in paragraph (b) above shall be presented to the planning and transportation commission. The commission shall review the requests and recommend to the director which proposal or proposals should be given priority for review and possible implementation in the current calendar year. In making its recommendations, the commission shall consider the severity of non-residential parking impact, the demonstrated level of neighborhood support, and the staff resources needed to process requests.
   (d)   Staff Review of Applications and Community Outreach. Once an application has been selected for council consideration during the current calendar year, staff shall promptly review the application, gather additional information and conduct a community outreach program. At a minimum the review process shall include the following:
   (1)   The city shall complete parking occupancy studies to quantify the nature of the problem identified in the petition. Data shall be collected when schools in the Palo Alto Unified School District and Stanford University are in session, unless these institutions are irrelevant to the problem to be addressed.
   (2)   Upon completion of the consultation and outreach process, the city attorney shall prepare a draft resolution containing the proposed boundaries and hours of enforcement. Staff shall undertake a survey of resident support within the RPP District. The results of this survey shall be included in and reported to the planning and transportation commission and the city council.
   (e)   Planning and Transportation Commission Review. Staff shall bring the proposed RPP District to the planning and transportation commission no later than September of the calendar year in which consideration began. The commission shall review the draft resolution at a noticed public hearing and make a recommendation to the city council regarding the RPP District. This recommendation may include proposed modifications of the boundaries. The commission's recommendation shall be forwarded to the city council no later than September 30th.
(Ord. 5531 § 8 (part), 2021: Ord. 5494 § 42, 2020: Ord. 5294 § 1 (part), 2015)