10.50.020   Definitions.
   The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
   (a)   "Director" shall mean the director of the office of transportation.
   (b)   "Dwelling unit" shall mean a self-contained house, apartment, stock cooperative unit, or condominium unit occupied by a single household exclusively for residential purposes. These residential purposes may include lawful home occupations.
   (c)   "Employee permit" shall mean a permit issued to an employee working at a business located within an RPP District or as defined in an RPP district specific resolution.
   (d)   "Guest permit" shall mean a permit issued to a resident on an annual basis for use by a person visiting a residence in an RPP District or for workers providing services such as caregiving, gardening, repair maintenance and construction, to the resident. The number of guest permits issued to residents shall be specified in administrative regulations adopted by the director.
   (e)   "Non-resident vehicle" shall mean a vehicle operated by a person whose destination is not to a residence within the Residential Preferential Parking District.
   (f)   "Resident" shall mean a natural person living in a dwelling unit in an RPP District.
   (g)   "Residential Preferential Parking District" or "RPP District" shall mean a geographical area in which the city council has established a preferential parking permit system pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 22507.
   (h)   "Visitor permit" shall mean a temporary 24-hour permit issued to a resident for use by a person visiting a residence in an RPP District.
(Ord. 5531 § 8 (part), 2021: Ord. 5494 § 41, 2020: Ord. 5294 § 1 (part), 2015)