10.36.010   Application of regulations.
   (a)   The provisions of this title prohibiting the stopping, standing or parking of a vehicle shall apply except when it is necessary to stop a vehicle to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with directions of a police officer or official traffic control device.
   (b)   The provisions of this title imposing a time limit on standing or parking shall not relieve any person from the duty to observe other and more restrictive provisions of the Vehicle Code or this title prohibiting or limiting the standing or parking of vehicles in specified places or at specified times.
   (c)   In addition to any other persons authorized by law, any employee of the city classified as a Community Service Officer or Parking Enforcement Officer is authorized to give the notice required by the Vehicle Code of the State of California of any violation of said code or of local regulations adopted pursuant thereto governing the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles.
   (d)   For purposes of this chapter, the term "public parking facility" shall mean any public parking lot or parking structure owned or leased by the city in which parking by the general public is permitted.
(Ord. 4558 § 3 (part), 1999)