8.08.080   Hearing on cost assessment.
   (a)   At the time and place fixed for receiving and considering such report the city council shall hear the same together with any objections which may be raised by any of the property owners liable to be assessed for the work of abating such nuisance, and the fire chief shall attend such meeting with his record thereof, and upon such hearing, the council may make such modifications in the proposed assessments therefor as it may deem necessary, after which such report and assessment list shall be confirmed by resolution.
   (b)   The amount of the cost of abating such nuisance upon, or in the front or rear of, the various lots or parcels of land respectively referred to in such report, shall constitute special assessments against such respective lots or parcels of land, and after thus made and confirmed, shall constitute a lien on such property for the amount of such assessments, until paid.
(Ord. 3982 § 1 (part), 1990: Ord. 3192 § 1 (part), 1980: Ord. 2662 § 23 (part), 1972: Ord. 1313 (part), 1950: prior code § 32.08)