8.08.070   Notice of report.
   The city clerk shall post a copy of such report and assessment list on the bulletin board near the entrance door at the City Hall, together with a notice of the filing thereof and of the time and place when and where it will be submitted to the city council for hearing and confirmation, notifying property owners that they may appear at such time and place, and object to any matter contained therein. A like notice shall also be published twice in a newspaper of general circulation, published and circulated within the city. The posting and first publication of said notice shall be made and completed at least ten days before the time such report shall have been submitted to the city council. Such notice, as so posted and published, shall be substantially in the following form:
   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on ______, 20__, the Fire Chief of the City of Palo Alto filed with the City Clerk of said city a report and assessment on abatement of weeds within said city, a copy of which is posted on the bulletin board at the entrance to the City Hall.
   NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on _______, 20__, at the hour of seven p.m., in the Council Chambers of said City Hall, said report and assessment list will be presented to the City Council of said City for consideration and confirmation, and that any and all persons interested, having any objections to said report and assessment list, or to any matter or thing contained therein, may appear at said time and place and be heard.
Date _____________, 20___
City Clerk of the City of Palo Alto
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