8.08.030   Form and publication of notice.
   (a)   Such notice shall be substantially in the following form:
   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on ______, 20 __, pursuant to the provisions of Section 8.08.020 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code, the City Council passed a resolution declaring that all weeds growing upon any private property or in any public street or alley, as defined in Section 8.08.010 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code, constitute a public nuisance, which nuisance must be abated by the destruction or removal thereof.
   NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that property owners shall without delay remove all such weeds from their property, and the abutting half of the street in front and alleys, if any, behind such property, and between the lot lines thereof as extended, or such weeds will be destroyed or moved and such nuisance abated by the city authorities, in which case the cost of such destruction or removal will be assessed upon the lots and lands from which, or from the front or rear of which, such weeds shall have been destroyed or removed; and such cost will constitute a lien upon such lots or lands until paid, and will be collected upon the next tax roll upon which general municipal taxes are collected. All property owners having any objections to the proposed destruction or removal of such weeds are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the Council of said city, to be held in the Council Chamber of the City Hall in said city on ______, 20___, at seven p.m., when and where their objections will be heard and given due consideration.
Date ______________________, 19____
Fire Chief
City of Palo Alto
   (b)   Such notice shall be published at least twice in a newspaper published and circulated in said city, the first publication of which shall be at least ten days prior to the time fixed by the council for hearing objections.
(Ord. 4642 § 7, 2000: Ord. 3982 § 1 (part), 1990: Ord. 2662 § 23 (part), 1972: Ord. 1313 (part), 1950: prior code § 32.03)